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AirPhysio Reviews 2023: My Bold Take – Is It A Go Or No-Go?

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Quick Summary

AirPhysio is a handheld respiratory device that helps clear airways and loosens mucus, especially helpful for people with lung-related diseases.

  • Usability
  • Reliability
  • Value for Money


  • Easy to use
  • Effect is Instantaneous if done properly
  • 100% Natural
  • No Prescription Required


  • Results may vary and may getting some time or practice to get used to

Introduction to our AirPhysio Reviews

Welcome to our AirPhysio reviews!

AirPhysio is a spectacular respiratory device that helps clear airways and loosens mucus, especially helpful for people with lung-related diseases. This award-winning product offers a non-invasive yet highly effective solution to traditional methods of inhalation therapy.

People with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Diseases or COPD, Asthma, allergies, and other respiratory illnesses have reported improvement in their conditions after using the AirPhysio breathing device.

Do You Have Respiratory Conditions?

Having a respiratory condition comes with some major inconveniences – most specifically difficulty in breathing, non-stop coughing, and having a hard time eliminating mucus. Not only are these potentially life-threatening but are also stressful hindrances in your daily life.


Struggling for air or shortness of breath is likely due to blocked airways or thick mucus in the lungs or any area in the respiratory tract. Blocked airways may lead to atelectasis or the collapse of an affected lung area, which further complicates things.

Aside from that, some respiratory issues may occur even though you don’t have a serious respiratory disease. For instance, you can notice having shortness of breath after mere minor activities like light jogging or climbing stairs.

This indicates that your lung capacity has deteriorated and, as a result, they are unable to work optimally. It is estimated that asthmatics lose lung capacity by 5-25 milliliters per year while smokers have it worse by 33 milliliters per year, according to scientific data.

image g02
image g02

The Solution: AirPhysio Device

What makes the AirPhysio device impressive is that it uses an all-natural process called Oscillating Positive Expiratory Pressure or OPEP. This natural cleansing process facilitates the loosening of mucus which then helps to clear the airways and allows the user to eliminate foreign substances from their lungs.

OPEP is proven effective in the treatment of numerous respiratory illnesses: Asthma, Bronchiectasis, Chronic Bronchitis, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), Cystic Fibrosis, and Emphysema, to name a few. The natural expiratory process also works with less-serious lung issues such as chest colds and flu. If you read AirPhysio UK reviews from users, they verify the effectiveness of the device when it comes to dealing with the aforementioned respiratory issues.

The AirPhysio device ensures optimal hygiene of the lungs in various ways. It helps loosen blocked or partially-closed airways, thus allowing the lungs to remove mucus efficiently. This process also helps to prevent atelectasis, the partial or complete collapse of an area of the lung.

The breath training device can maximize lung volume and minimize lung capacity reduction. With the help of this wonderful product, you can guarantee that your lungs are working optimally. As a result, you are able to maintain a healthy lung capacity throughout the year.

Product Airphysio2

Features of AirPhysio

Air Physio is made out of high-quality and medical-grade authentic materials. The components consist of a circular cone body, a steel ball, and a protective cover. The body is where you are instructed to blow. The ball is there to help the lungs oscillate as it vibrates. The cover is there to ensure that the ball and other parts of the product are secured.

Additionally, the breath-training device does not require batteries, refills, or medication in order to do what it is set to do.


How to Use It?

When it comes to using the breath therapy device or any medical device for that matter, make sure that you study the User’s Guide to find more detailed instructions on how to use it. The following are some basic steps to follow when using the handheld respiratory device:

  1. Take a deep breath and fill your lungs to full capacity.
  2. Hold your breath for a few seconds and prepare the device in your mouth.
  3. Exhale through the device at a fair pace, almost like playing a wind musical instrument. Don’t blow too hard as this can cause a tight feeling in your lungs. Don’t exhale too fast or too hard as to cause the steel ball in the device to pop out. On the other hand, don’t blow through the device too gently either as this will not produce optimal results. You will notice this happens if the steel ball does not rise or vibrate.
  1. Most people can build up a cough with little to no effort when using the breath training device. The cap should normally be pointing at the ceiling but if you feel as if nothing happened, try tilting the device until you feel some vibrations in your lungs.
  2. If you have done it properly, you should feel mucus accumulating or the urge to cough. Cough to expel the mucus as this happens.
  3. Repeat the process two times per minute for a whole duration of five minutes. If you feel light-headed, take two deep breaths to stabilize your breathing.
  4. After using the AirPhysio device, make sure to clean the handheld product. You can find thorough maintenance procedures in the user’s Guide on how to clean the device to ensure long-lasting product life.
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Benefits and Advantages

Easy to use

AirPhysio device is surprisingly easy to use! All you need to do is exhale on the device and you are good to go. The respiratory device encourages your lungs toward a process known as Oscillating Positive Expiratory Pressure (OPEP). This is a natural process that is scientifically proven effective when it comes to clearing the airways and eliminating mucus.


Since it uses your body’s natural process, it helps to clear and expand your lungs to ensure it is performing well. It’s like giving your lungs a gym workout. On top of that, you don’t need prescriptions since there are no medicines involved.

image g12
image g12


You can use the AirPhysio device anytime you need it because it is portable and does not require batteries. Asking AirPhysio where to buy batteries and you won’t find any answers because it does not need them.


The device is made out of high-quality medical-grade materials, which means the product is long-lasting as long as you take good care of it.

It consists of a circular cone body where you exhale, a steel ball, and a protective cover. The parts are easy to clean and assemble.

Easy to find and buy

Lastly, it is quite easy to purchase and find. We recommend that you stick with their official website as it even offers unexpected discounts and deals.

Users' AirPhysio Reviews Consumer Reports

Here are some review consumer reports from real-life users:

Someone said that it takes some time to get used to, especially with regards to getting the proper method to blow. What matters is to just follow the instructions until you get it right. Exhale gradually, try to “vocalize” as if playing a kazoo, and attempt to make the ball pop more than a couple of times.

Jillian C.

Chronic coughing significantly decreased and I felt positive effects within days. Back then, I could not hold a phone call without having to turn away to cough. Now, it feels so much better and the coughing is lessened. It is also noticeably easy to clean and I have no maintenance concerns regarding the product!

Bill A.

My daughter has been coughing for a week. When I saw this gadget from a Facebook post, I wanted to give it a shot. So I googled “AirPhysio where to buy” and got it delivered to my house in no time. I watch my daughter blow into the device and lo and behold, phlegm started to come out! It's an amazing, fantastic investment.

James F.

AirPhysio Price (Discounted)

What about AirPhysio cost?

Here's the AirPhysio price options:

airphysio pricing

Money-back guarantee:

The product is offered with a 30-day-money-back guarantee and a 1-year warranty.

AirPhysio Where to buy UK?

We recommend that you only buy these award-winning lung-training devices on their official website.

Conclusion to our AirPhysio Reviews

What is it best used for?

For our AirPhysio UK reviews, we conclude that the device is best used for people who are suffering from asthma, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease or COPD, Systic Fibrosis, Bronchiectasis, and other respiratory complications. These diseases cause the body to have difficulty removing contaminated mucus from the lungs.

What is it not best used for?

The device is not an instant cure or a better alternative to conventional medical solutions. Patients should not use the product as an inhaler, nebuliser, spray or puffer, and spirometer. Instead, the breath training device makes for an amazing supplementary therapy.

AirPhysio Alternatives

AirPhysio for Children. If you want to help your children breathe better, the AirPhysio for Children device is a great alternative.

image g05

AirPhysio Reviews Final Word

To wrap up our review;

This is a helpful breathing device, particularly for those with specific respiratory diseases. We urge you to try it and take advantage of their generous money-back guarantee.


Do I need prescription to use Air Physio?

There is no need for a prescription when it comes to using AirPhysio since it is drug-free and is 100% natural.

Can I use Air Physio with medication or inhaler?

You may use it with your regular medication or respiratory device but consulting your doctor won’t hurt. It might even be a good idea to use Air Physio after taking medicine as the device boosts the distribution and effectiveness of the latter. So far, there are no AirPhysio side effects when using it along with other devices or medication.

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